Reference Indices

All of our derivative contracts are referenced to a robust underlying index, collaboratively developed with our partner CoinMetrics and adminsitered by BITA (Authorised BMA).

GFO-X/Coin Metrics Single Asset London 4pm Bitcoin Index (GFOXBE) is calculated and published as a daily fixing and provides a representative indication of the price of Bitcoin at 16:00 hours local London time. The Index is designed to provide markets with a transparent, robust, and representative reference for the settlement of derivatives and financial instruments.

GFO-X/Coin Metrics Single Asset Real-Time Bitcoin Index (GFOXBR) is a U.S. Dollar-denominated cryptocurrency index, calculated from trades executed at centralized cryptocurrency exchanges and published once every second, every day of the year. The Index is designed to measure the underlying economic reality of Bitcoin, serve as a transparent and independent pricing source that promotes the functioning of efficient markets, and reduce information asymmetries among market participants.

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