Diversify your digital asset exposure via our cash settled Bitcoin Index options. Settling directly to our robust GFO-X/Coin Metrics BTC reference index.


Secure Trading Environment

Built on a robust, regulated, and secure platform, our products ensure security and reliability, granting you confidence as you navigate through volatile digital asset markets.

Market Liquidity

World leading liquidity providers will deliver exceptional liquidity, providing smooth entry and exit, optimal pricing, and minimized slippage, ensuring that your orders are always filled promptly and efficiently.

Trading Risk Management Tools

GFO-X has built a suite of institutional grade risk management tools. Pre Trade Management Tools (PTRM) to enable hierarchical management of participants' activity and any activity they sponsor into clearing.

FIX Drop Copy Service

All tools have been carefully crafted to meet participant needs and adhering to Regulatory and FIA recommended industry standards.

Block Trades

GFO-X provides easy access to wholesale trading to enable investors to transact in size (via single or multi leg block trades), with certainty, arranged away from the central limit order book between GFO-X participants.

Standardised Contract Specifications

Precisely crafted contract specifications designed in close consultation with market participants enable you to tailor your investment strategy, whether you are hedging or seeking to maximize your portfolio’s potential.

Optimised Maturities

A variety of contract maturities are available, catering to individual risk tolerance and investment strategies.

Risk Management 

Centrally Cleared via LCH’s dedicated digital asset clearing service, LCH DigitalAssetClear, to manage market exposure and counterparty risk through a standardised VaR (value at risk margin) model and underpinned by a segregated default fund.

Robust Reference Index

All our derivative contracts are referenced to robust underlying UK/BMR compliant indices, collaboratively developed with our partner Coin Metrics and administered by BITA (Authorised BMA).

Simplified Settlements

Enjoy the flexibility of cash settlements, eliminating the need to handle the underlying cryptocurrency and eliminating the risks associated with digital asset custody.



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Global Futures and Options Ltd (GFO-X) is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA") with firm reference number 945035

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